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Wonderful Pashto Shayari, sad Pashto Shayari 2 lines for lover. Pashto Shayari in Pashto writing. Pashto Shayari for lovers of Pashto poetry. The best Pashto Poetry of all time love sad romantic .More
په زړه پوری پښتو شایری، غمجن پشتو شایری 2 کرښې د عاشق لپاره. پښتو شعري په پښتو لیکنه. پښتو شایری د پښتو شعر د مینه والو لپاره. د هر وخت غوره پښتو شایري غمجن رومانتيک خوښوي.

About Pashto Shayari

Pashto Poetry , also known as Pashto Poetry , is a rich and expressive form of literary art embedded in Pashtun culture. Pashto Poetry covers a wide range of themes and emotions, including love, patriotism, nature, history, and spirituality. Pashto Shayari is traditionally composed in the Pashto language, spoken by Pashtun people mainly in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Language: Pashto Poetry is usually written and spoken in Pashto, which has its own unique script.

Themes:Pashto explores a variety of themes, but some of the most common themes include love (both romantic and spiritual), the beauty of nature, the courage and bravery of Pashtun warriors, and expressions of cultural and historical pride.

Forms: Pashto Poetry can take various poetic forms, such as Ghazal, Nazm, Rubaiyat, and many more. Each form has its own rules and structure.

Metaphors and Similes:Pashto Poetry often use rich metaphors and vivid imagery to communicate their feelings and ideas. Nature is a frequent source of inspiration, and poets often compare their lovers to natural beauty.

Cultural Significance: Pashto Poetry plays an important role in Pashtun culture. Pashto Shayari is used in traditional gatherings, ceremonies, and celebrations, and serves as a means to express emotions and preserve cultural heritage.

Eminent Poets:Pashto Poetry has been enriched by the contributions of many eminent poets, including Khushal Khan Khattak, Rehman Baba, Hamza Baba, and Ghani Khan. These poets are known for their deep and timeless poetry.

Impact: Pashto Poetry not only influenced Pashtun culture but also left an impression on the wider world of poetry and literature. Pashto Shayari timeless themes and artistic expressions in Pashto Shayari continue to resonate with people across linguistic and cultural boundaries.

What is Pashto Shayari?

Pashto Poetry , also known as Pashto poetry, is a literary and artistic tradition that involves the creation and recitation of poetry in the Pashto language. It is a form of expression deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of the Pashtun people, most of whom live in the regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Pashto Poetry covers a variety of themes and emotions, and is considered to be an important way of conveying ideas and feelings, preserving Pashtun cultural identity, and celebrating the Pashto language.Info

Pashto Shayari Text

  • د په جنت د ویلې ته غواړم، زه ګلونه که وکړم.
  • English: I will go to heaven’s valleys, where I planted flowers.
  • څه تګ زما زړه مو ورته، تاسو په زړه مو ورته.
  • English: Whatever’s in my heart is in you, whatever’s in you is in my heart.
  • چي د نیکمرغه په سپوږمرغه چيرم کړم، تاسو له خوشالو ته څیرم کړم. English: If I turn a weed into a flower, I turn you into something beautiful.
  • په مینې کښي د وروړه او ورکولو چمبه ځایګه شو۔
  • English: My heart has become a battlefield of desires and resistance.
  • زه ځوانه ويم چې ستا د قدرت کښي چمبه شو۔
  • English: I wish to be the pen that writes your destiny.
  • د دنیا زړه د ځان تا چمبه شو۔
  • English: The world is a journey from the soul to the heart.
  • ځمه که چرګ تا ځیب شو۔
  • English: I became a candle until I melted.
  • زما د رنګونو په کلبه ښکلي په کڐ.
  • English: In the garden of my desires, you’re the most beautiful flower.
  • د هغو شعرونه خوريږي او زما دل یې خوښه وی.
  • English: I feed on the words of your poetry, and my heart finds joy.
  • داسې لونګی مینې د دنیا لونګي شو۔
  • English: My longings have become longer than the world.

Pashto Shayari Text & Images

د ښکلا کله ښکلا شوه

The flower’s beauty has faded away

Pashto Shayari

زه که ده دا وروستۍ شوم

I have become a stranger in my own homeland

په ښکلاوړۍ وقته کيسې دي

In the garden of beauty, thorns are also found

زه ژوندي کې د دوسر په وخت دې

I found my true love in the midst of life

خوشالۍ د خوشاله نه بويه

Happiness itself does not smell sweet

په مو دنيا ښۍ کې نومه ته زنګۍ شوم

In this world of desires, I have lost my identity

په لاس پښتون دې دنيا څخه نه وهله

In the land of Pashtuns, the world is not welcomed

زه خوشحاله شوم که تپوسه شپه تپاخوږه

I am content when my beloved’s lips smile

د لاس د هم دی چې زه لوبغاوړم

In the eyes of my beloved, I find solace

په خشتو د سترګو ما ګل ژوندۍ

In the fortress of dreams, I live like a flower

د په زړه کي د کلبي کړه چمبه نه شو

The heart’s wounds do not heal with time.

زما په ځمکه د ځان چرخه به ده

My heart’s orbit revolves around you.

Short Description About Pashto Shayari

Pashto Shayari Whether it’s the expression of deep love, the recounting of heroic tales, or the reflection of cultural identity, Pashto Shayari remains a vibrant and cherished aspect of Pashtun cultural heritage. It’s a means through which emotions and thoughts are beautifully crafted into poetic verses and shared with audiences, both within and outside the Pashto-speaking communities.

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